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This week is filled with deals and tips for Election day getaway travel and holiday travel.

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The campaigns are done, election day is here, and maybe, just maybe, you’d like to get out of town. We have some suggestions.

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This week, let’s look at some practical travel tips that are essential for the holidays but useful any time of year. If you haven’t book your holiday flights yet, do that now, then follow these 6 tips to make your trip a whole lot smoother.

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The New Year is coming and there are several celebrations all over the globe here are a few.

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Rick & Anne take a question from a customer in Virginia about travel to Europe.

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Rick and Anne discuss airfare sales, Thanksgiving and New Years and even answering a question from you.

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Ah, Black Friday: Crazy shoppers, angry crowds, packed parking lots. The madness we endure to score a giant-sized TV. But what about cheap flights?

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It’s broken record time: If you haven’t purchased Thanksgiving airline tickets yet, please don’t wait another day.

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A customer question about using credits on an airline.

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Learn about Africa’s most exciting New Year’s Festival featured on Eventurist

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