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Rick is back this week talking thanksgiving fares, Cancun, Cuba and more.

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Are you paying more or less for Thanksgiving plane tickets this year? Depends what city you live in, according to FareCompare‘s analysis of average airfares for 2015 and 2016. The good news is, many of us may find cheaper flights this year.

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I’ve talked with a lot of pilots over the years, men and women who fly for major carriers like American and British Airways; they always have interesting stories and always have good travel tips. I asked them what they’d put on a list of ‘5 things your pilot wishes you would not do’ and here’s what they said.

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Carrie Gatlinburg TN wants to know about all inclusive destinations like Cancun.

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Afro-Cuban music festival with Cuban and Latin Jazz Concerts, workshops, and debates around the genre of Jazz world-famous musicians Chucho Valdés, Christian McBride Trio and Terence Blanchard

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This week's video podcast discussions about Thanksgiving travel, airfare hikes of 2016 and a great event. Check it out.

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In 2015, airlines tried to raise ticket prices five times but that’s nothing compared to this year. Can you guess how many hikes and hike attempts for 2016?

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Nov 1-30, in Hong Kong, a month-long series of gourmet happenings offering dining and other delightful culinary events.

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Bob from Chicago wants to know about a future trip.

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Haven’t bought your Thanksgiving airline tickets yet? Shop now. When it comes to Turkey Day travel, any delay makes already expensive fares worse. Also, fly the cheapest days during the Thanksgiving holiday, which can save as much as 65% on more expensive itineraries.

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