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Most recent presidential debate brought up the subject of crumbling "third world" airports here in America. Rick talks about the challenges of the system.

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Customer asks how to get great deals for travel during the school year. Rick & Anne come to the rescue.

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Airlines attempted to raise ticket prices five times in 2015 which may seem like a lot but not compared to this year. So far this year, FareCompare has detected 14 broad increases, with 4 successful hikes. Here is the a quick overview of the 2016 Airfare Hikes

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The entire month of October is spent celebrating Salem’s Haunted Happenings enjoying the Grand Parade, the Haunted Biz Baz Street Fair, Family Film Nights, various costume balls, continuous live music, and the list keeps going. Find the perfect event for you or your family, whether it is the Little Pumpkin Duathlon, Annual Psychic Fair and Witch Expo, the Salem Food Truck Festival, or a bit of all of them! Just plan ahead, so you don’t miss any hair-raising traditions!

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Rick and Anne discuss, Five Ways to Cut Travel Costs by $50 to $300 and cheap flights to Europe this Fall. They also talk to a customer about spring break travel and the Eventurist event of the week.

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Airline fees to avoid, cheap destinations, and more.

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The short answer is, don’t pay them. In reality, that can be tricky unless you know these simple strategies that make avoiding fees easier.

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Some people focus on the exotic, but I think London, Paris or Rome can be exotic if you’ve never been and so can L.A. or New York. And, of course, it's good to be able to do this without breaking the bank.

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Traveling to the Dominican Republic this Spring Break. Tips and Advice from Rick and Anne.

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Destination music festival experience with music on two stages, swimming pools, yoga, food vendors,champaign bat, live painting, henna, souk marketplace.

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