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Ever wonder about how to travel with your cat or dog?

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This summer proves to be pretty bad for lines outside of TSA and PreCheck for children might help.

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The cheapest dates to fly for summer, and we thought it would be fun to show you proof in the form of recent deals.

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Long lines at security have been a fact of life at U.S. airports for months now, here are some answers for you.

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Question from customer traveling to Asia with a group of family.

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An adored gastronomic experience worldwide involves trying an assortment of favorite bite-sized tapas dishes, Spain’s most renowned custom.

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TSA lines are long. They have been long for months now and will continue to be long during summer vacation because there are simply not enough screeners.

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The airfare hike launched last week has succeeded.

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Great question by a customer, submit yours here: customer.service@farecompare.com

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If open water swimming with dolphins in crystalline blue Caribbean waters sound like something right up your alley.

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