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Rick & Anne talk Southwest and lousy flights, and finish up with a question from a customer.

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Question from customer asking which country is cheapest to originate an around the world ticket and more details.

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If you know anything about Southwest Airlines, you’ve probably heard about the Southwest Effect, the drop in ticket prices when the Texas-based airline enters a new market.

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You’re all excited and why not – you’re going on vacation! – but did you think of everything? 

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Getting ready for a long flight? Here are some must bring things for your long travels.

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Traveling with large, oversized luggage, like a bike for instance? Here is what you do.

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U.S. airlines have a message for all passengers: Get to the airport early! And that message is for anyone traveling now or anyone planning on traveling during the peak summer travel months of June, July and August.

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This is news. An airline actually dropping a fee. Nice one, Delta but you’re not the only airline that doesn’t charge for phone reservations.

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This week, amazing deals, Airline fee increases, and ways to get better seats on airplanes.

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At 6am this morning, we spotted an impossible fare to Auckland NZ. Here's how and why.

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