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A couple great travel advice questions answered by the one and only Rick Seaney.

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All discounts for airfare has mostly disappeared except for some of the special discounts. Are they still special?

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With Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba, individual tourist travel from the U.S. to Cuba is closer than ever.

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Traveling to Cuba, Airline Discounts and questions from customers. Submit your questions at customer.service@farecompare.com

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Q&A With Rick Seaney Non-stop flights and luggage recommendations

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With summer coming on fast, this seems like a good time to review using real ticket prices.

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If you think packing for a trip is a chore, this is for you: A list of essentials plus two useful how-to videos that will turn you into a packing pro.

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This weeks episode talks about the must pack items for your next trip and the things you need to know about summer travel. as always Rick answers customers questions. 

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Topic on this week's video podcast we cover
✔ Airlines with Most Loyal Passengers: bit.ly/1oP7hDi
✔ Spring Break - Which Destinations are Cheaper, Which More Expensive: bit.ly/1Qmtsdj

✔ Q&A With Rick Seaney - July holiday travel and Italy tours.

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If you haven’t purchased tickets for a Spring Break trip, hurry; the longer you wait, the higher the price. The good news is some hot spots are significantly cheaper this year.

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