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This week we discuss another airfare hike, Sprint drops bag fees and avoiding Crappy Food When Flying

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Rick answers a customers question about when to fly in 2016.

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Not all junk food is bad, not all healthy food is dull, and crappy food can be avoided.

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According to the Military Times, as of Feb. 19, ultra-discount airline Spirit has dropped bag fees for active-duty military.

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Yet again in 2016, the latest Southwest-initiated airfare hike has not rolled back, we are calling it a success.

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Last week the third airfare hike of the year was launched and it has succeeded. Prices were raised $6 round-trip.

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If you plan to travel in the spring or summer, there are three things you should do now.

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Airline seat fees are becoming more common but you may not even know you pay them.

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Rick answers questions about the jet stream and skipping a leg of your flight. Submit questions at customer.service@farecompare.com

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Rick answers a question about traveling on long trips to Europe.

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