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Questions from customers answered by Rick Seaney.

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Check out our new video podcast from Youtube with news and travel advice topics and even questions from customers.

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Each week Rick answers travel advice questions from customers, submit your question now, at customer.service@farecompare.com 

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That’s right, fares for Newark-London in February on two major U.S. airlines for one dollar round-trip. There’s a catch, of course: $1 was the base fare.

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Let's try to cut through the confusion of up and down airfare but no - it is not a scam. Just business.

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I've been getting a lot of questions about Disney trips lately so I thought I'd answer a few here.

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Two questions from customers this week, one about Europe and another about Golf destinations. Take a listen as Rick Seaney gives the perfect advice.

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There are lots of ‘best airline’ lists but we like the new one from the Wall Street Journal because it focuses on the things important to travelers.

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According to a new report on the state of airline Wi-Fi, passengers around the world now have “at least a chance of inflight Wi-Fi” on about 36% of flights.

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Our annual Magic Dates to Fly podcast gives you the best dates of the year to travel. 

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