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We've all heard teachers say, "When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME." That's certainly true for travel because a lot of assumptions come back to bite you. To avoid nasty surprises, do not assume any of the following:

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If you’re looking to take a “next step” in life, why not up your beach game and choose the Caribbean? You’ll relax, unwind and most likely imbibe on some of the most stunning beaches our world has to offer.

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American Airlines’ CEO has “all but acknowledged” that the legacy carrier will probably bring so-called basic economy fares to its passengers sometime next year. Hey, it’s worked for Delta.

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Frontier raises bag fees for the holidays and Virgin American gives you free wifi.

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As of Oct. 17, US Airways disappears into history.

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If you knew which airline was cheapest, saving money would be a breeze but it's not that simple; this short quiz shows why.

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It's October as I write this which means you may have a lot of vacation days left. Use them or lose them. If you don't, you could miss out on some wonderful experiences.

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Since the vast majority of travelers prefer the cheapest flights possible, they may be unaware of the cost of first class. Let there be no doubt: It ain’t cheap.


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Australia and New Zealand seem to be on more must-see bucket lists than any other countries and no wonder: They’re beautiful.


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If you want to pay $100 less on holiday airfare than a lot of people, act fast. Yes, that’s my tip: Buy your ticket today.

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