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Airlines and fat-shaming struck a chord with some; while we’re seeing less of this than in the past, if you’re a bigger-than-average-passenger, you know how small today’s seats are. You also should know you may be asked to buy two seats.

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After recent turmoil in United Airline’s top management that saw the departure of long-time CEO Jeff Smisek, a lot of folks have been wondering what’s going to change. Employees of the airline, at least, are getting some answers.

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You know holidays are expensive. Have you looked at Thanksgiving ticket prices? But there is a solution: Flying in a Deal Zone.

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Ever do a “blind booking” flight? This is a marketing ploy of sorts that’s been around for a while, and while it often means a traveler doesn’t know where he or she is going, the trip will be cheap. Is it worth it?

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The most traveled holiday season of Thanksgiving is just around the corner and now is just about the best time to buy.

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What’s this? A bucket list of favorite iconic destinations around the world, cities and attractions we think you’ll enjoy.

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A U.S. air travel consumer group called Flyers Rights is asking those interested to sign a petition for a Passenger Bill of Rights. The petition will then be sent on to Congress. Among other things it calls for wider seats and more legroom on planes.

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