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U.S. airlines just raised ticket prices across-the-board by as much as $10 round-trip. Listen to Rick Seaney say why this happened and what on earth you can do about it.

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The air travel industry has a language all its own, and it’s not always easy to understand. Listen to Prof. Rick Seaney of Airfare U. translate more stuff!

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Nothing says summer like fun in a park. In this podcast, we rounded up a bunch of favorite parks in the U.S. and around the world.

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Test your knowledge of all things travel. See how savvy a traveler you are. Listen to Rick taking the mystery out of myths.

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Planes will be packed this summer and getting all those people into their seats can take a while. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney is stuck in the slog. 

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If you don’t know airports have tourist attractions, you haven’t flown in a while. Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney who loves a fun airport.

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FareCompare has been monitoring airfare hikes for years now and in the course of pouring over all this data. Listed to travel expert Rick Seaney tell editor Anne McDermott that nobody should risk paying too much.

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