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The price of airfare to Europe is governed by seasons and wintertime is the cheapest time but you can save on other flights once you know the seasonal parameters.

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The rate of lost and damaged baggage on airlines around the world dropped more than 60% in the past seven years. LISTEN: Haven’t we all lost bags? Rick Seaney has.

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You lose a lot of rights when you get on a plane. One of them is free speech; exercising it in certain ways could get you kicked off your flight. The moral here is always pack a little patience on today’s sardine-like planes – a little patience and a boatload of common sense.

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Do you know what flight attendants are supposed to do, and what they aren’t supposed to do?

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What makes the Boston Marathon special? Let us count the ways.

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Rick Seaney shares how to have the cheapest seats with the cheapest flight.

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Most of us accept that airline fees are part of today’s flying experience. Well, I’m here to tell you, it ain’t necessarily so.

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American Airlines’ AAdvantage loyalty program will likely merge with US Airways’ Dividend Miles (under the American name) by mid-April.

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