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Happy Halloween! Your treats are fun stories and epic video.

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Travel expert Rick Seaney says some fees are actually worth paying.

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American Airlines has announced that beginning in the second quarter of next year, the carrier will integrate US Airways’ Dividend Miles into its own AAdvantage loyalty program.

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The folks at NerdWallet have analyzedNovember and December flight delay/cancelation statistics from the past five years for the 25 busiest U.S. airports and there aren’t a lot of surprises. 

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This week: Wow travel and toilet lawsuit. If only it was depicted on our featured flight video.

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Some of you know the answer to this question (you do if you read my latest Airfare Expert column for USA Today): What are the two days of the year U.S. travelers should never, ever fly?

LISTEN: Rick Seaney with more insider info.

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So far this year, airlines have raised prices five times (or five-and-a-half times, if you count the JetBlue-initiated hike of Oct. 9 which all other airlines bailed on except for JetBlue).


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If you’ve been thinking about a fall or winter getaway, you are in luck. Today is Tuesday (Oct. 7) and as fans of FareCompare know, it’s the best day to shop for airfare.

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Warning: Thanksgiving is Nov. 27 – just about a month away and it’ll go fast. Are you ready to travel? Don’t worry, we can help with flight stuff (you’re on your own with the bird).

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After 35 years, the severe restrictions of the Wright Amendment aimed at Dallas airports expire as of Monday, Oct. 13 – which is good news for Texas passengers but others will benefit too.

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