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Every country has its unique holidays and celebrations to visit family, enjoy traditional food and drink, maybe buy a gift or two – and travel. Let’s make that last part as cheap as possible.


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Editor’s note: We updated this popular post as of Sept. 29, 2014 and loaded it with fresh information and useful tips. One thing hasn’t changed, though – it’ll still help you find the cheapest airfare deals available.


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My latest savings motto: Buy your plane tickets one day earlier than you planned.

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This week: The Beagle is a fake. But our delightful videos are officially certified as ‘real’.

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Sometimes wasting money is easier than being frugal. I like doing things the easy way, too, which is why I’ve devised these simple yet quick ways to put a stop to wasteful habits. My motto – and FareCompare’s – is save money and time.

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Thanksgiving (Nov. 27) is such an All-American favorite, thanks to family, food and football. Not so much fun is the ‘we gather together’ part, mainly due to wildly expensive airfares. But we can help by showing both the best single days to flyand best trip itineraries.

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Stranded celebs and regular passengers in ugly underwear. But we do have pretty video!

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The latest report from the U.S. Department of Transportation about airline performance has good news and bad news for the nation’s carriers – and passengers.


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There have been lots of airline stories lately about minor irritations escalating into big blow-ups, so the buzz about my recent ABC column on Charm School for Travelers doesn’t really surprise me. Some of the highlights and sample classes of my imaginary curriculum.

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Time to plan a trip to see all those gorgeous autumn leaves. If you aren't sure where to go, we've got six ideas.

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