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Crazy bad passengers, crazy good video. And plane pulling.

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Once again, I find myself in the pleasantly embarrassing situation of announcing some good news – about me. I’ve just been voted Best Business Travel Blogger in a poll organized by USA Today’s 10Best site. Thanks to you.

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All U.S. airlines charge an unaccompanied minor fee when children fly by themselves, but parents who thought their kids had outgrown this fee on American Airlines may be in for a surprise.

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If you haven’t flown in a while, you may think you’ve got airport security nailed down. Maybe you do – but maybe one or more of these TSA innovations will surprise you.

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Looking for a last-minute getaway to take advantage of Labor Day? Since the holiday is this coming Monday – Sept. 1 – you have no time to waste. Check out these ideas right now

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This week:  Violently ill passengers and violence against guitars. Plus peaceful video.

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This may seem incredibly obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway: The moment you board your plane, make sure it’s heading to the city you think it is. Make sure it’s heading to the right destination.

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I hear a lot of myths about supposedly fiendish airlines hiding or holding ultra-cheap airline tickets until a secret midnight hour when only those-in-the-know can take advantage. Baloney!

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Autumn is the best time of year to fly: Great weather, fewer crowds and all that beautiful fall foliage. Best of all are the prices, a big improvement over summer fares.

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This week: Amazing pilots, amazing shark and some amazingly cool dog video.

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