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This week: Good airline slogans, awful airline slogans. Plus flight attendant mentions his Speedo (!) in fun video.

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You’re about to go on a trip which means it’s decision time: Do you take the roomy checked-bag or the smaller carry-on? You know where we stand (well, you do if you read the title) but let us explain why.

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Why buy tickets now? So you can afford them. So you canget them. Here’s a true story of an anonymous friend who waited too long.

By the way, this friend is no dummy when it comes to air travel. She’s no Rick Seaney of course but she usually knows what she’s talking about. Usually. We all make mistakes – but no reason for you to make this one.

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It often seems a week doesn’t pass without a new bad passenger story. The latest involves a man who became sodisruptive on a JetBlue flight to Las Vegas – kicking and screaming – that the pilot diverted to Detroit where he was reportedly hospitalized (it’s unclear if he’ll face charges).

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Rick Seaney gives his tips on five essential things every traveler should pack.

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Has this ever happened to you? I had just flown to Miami with my trusty wheeled carry-on bag and was about to board my second flight when I was stopped by the dreaded Baggage Police. I was told my carry-on (which has traveled with me on hundreds of flights) was too big, even though my wife and teenager had just waltzed through the line with identical bags and no one stopped them. What’s going on?

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I keep saying no, you don’t have to be rich to fly (but if you need one of those overpriced, last-minute flights, it certainly helps). However, there are some negative trends that pit passengers against airlines. It helps to be aware of them because knowledge is power and power means not paying a penny more for your airline ticket than you have to.

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The latest government figures for delayed flights in April have plenty of good news and bad news plus trends to pay attention to for summer travel. Like, weather.

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This week: Bizarre tourist spots and cinéma vérité video of man alone in airport (OK, Celine Dion is there, too).

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Here are some hot tips for beach vacations that won't break your pocketbook. 

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