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Southwest Airlines will begin international flights to the Caribbean this summer!  Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney explain how this can save you money.

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Spring break is just around the corner! So, what are you looking for? We’ve got you covered with some wide-ranging destinations sure to save you money.

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Welcome to FareCompare’s Travel Guide to Super Bowl XLVII. We can help you get there but as airfare analyst Rick Seaney says, shop now: “If you don’t have your plane ticket yet, you cannot delay another moment.”

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Winter is the perfect time for a cheap getaway and here’s how to create one in four easy steps - but you must act now!

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Sometimes, chocolate isn’t enough; A nice romantic getaway is always a welcomed treat! Here are our picks for six cheap destinations that will leave you with plenty left over for a nice, big box of chocolate. These trips are fun for family and friends, too.

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Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney share a few more travel predictions for 2014.

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Want to know a secret? You can save big money on flights to a winter getaway. Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney as he shares on the variety of options out there.  Bottom line - the time to fly is now!

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