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7 Airline Freebies

Listen to travel expert Rick Seaey as he talks about the airline freebies we can still count our blessings for.

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Riskiest Time to Shop for Airfare

Saving money is what it’s all about at FareCompare. Our motto is, never pay a dollar more than you have to. Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney share several nuggets that will help you save.

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Have We Heard the Last of “Turn Off Your Electronic Devices”?

Grab those smartphones, everybody, or pull out the tablet. A new media report says we may soon be able to leave such devices on even during take-offs and landings!

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We know that 20 bucks doesn’t buy what it used to, but every little bit helps. List to travel expert Rick Seaney describe seven easy ways to save $20 – and in some cases, a whole lot more.

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Get ready for some changes to airlines fees, and by changes we mean new fees and rising fees. You didn’t really think fees were going down, did you?

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Delta has a brand new fee called the Smart Travel Pack which is pretty good marketing for a bunch of bundled services that’ll cost you a fairly hefty fee. So is it worth it? Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney list the pros and cons.

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Most of us are content to forgo lie-flat seats and our own personal showers on planes if it means saving thousands of dollars on airfare – and it does. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up every comfort. Here are seven ways, big and small, that will improve your total flight experience without breaking the bank.

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Here’s the low down on discounts: Most don’t exist anymore – and when they did, they only knocked off about 10% from your airfare. But a few discounts remain and here’s how to find them!

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It’s official: Tokyo, Japan, will host the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games and they already have their official website up and running.  Before you shop, listen to travel expert Rick Seaney for sound advice.

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