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International football fans (soccer to you Yanks) have been counting the days until tickets go on sale for the World Cup 2014 and that’ll happen Aug. 20.

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Airline second-quarter financial reports have been coming in all week with mostly good news as carrier after carrier reports a profit. In some cases, these are real comeback stories!  should passenger now brace themselves for higher ticket prices? FareCompare co-founder and airfare analyst Rick Seaney says no.

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Rick Seaney talks about 5 useful tips you need to know about bag fees.

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Delta, United and US Airways are now alerting passengers if they are eligible for the faster PreCheck security lanes via a notation on their boarding passes.

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There’s still one last long weekend for summer fun: Labor Day! Rick Seaney talks about travel tips and holiday savings that will sure to please!

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Temperatures may be in the 90′s where you are, but fall is fast upon us – at least according to the airlines which are busy advertising all kinds of deals for autumn.

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Not all island trips have to break the bank. 

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It's the 5 year anniversary of paying for luggage fees. 

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The one way to make sure you never lose a bag. 

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