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From Stanford to Syracuse, from Purdue to Pepperdine and all points in between, we’re seeing signs of cabin fever which can only mean one thing: Get out the Coppertone, it’s time for Spring Break.

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While some aspects of this wide-ranging program have been implemented, there is so much more to go – but believe me, it’s worth it.

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Looking for a nice, long-weekend  jaunt – or if overdrawn on vacation time – a short-but-fun trip? Have we got tips for you.

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The air travel industry is not immune to scams and rip-offs – particularly what are known as phishing emails – so remain alert especially when opening unexpected emails.

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Deals available on just a few dates. If that strikes you as odd, you don’t know much about today’s airfare sales.

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Carry-on bags have joined the obesity epidemic in recent years which is why overhead bin space is at such a premium. But if you can put your hand luggage on a diet, American Airlines will give you a prize: Early boarding.

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Maybe this is your year for Europe or Fiji or an African safari. 

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As TMZ is fond of saying, “who’d you rather”? So who would you rather sit next to, a screaming baby or an odorous fellow flyer?

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When it comes to an airline frequent flyer or miles program, most of us don’t have a lot of choice.

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The baggage and overweight fees are adding up. 

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