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Spending cuts may cause many small airports to shut down.

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If you ever fly with family or friends, this tip could save you money.

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The latest airline merger could throw a wrench in your travel plans.

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Passengers have been publicly chastised over the years for a variety of bodily functions.

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So this is the year you finally go to Europe – or return for the tenth time.

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AirTran’s new free bag policy on shared flights is especially interesting.

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Some parents like the idea of mandating safety seats; some say they couldn’t afford to buy a separate seat for an infant.

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Don’t be shocked at the charges attached to your “free” flight, but if you know what’s coming, it’ll be a little easier to bear. Remember, you still get something for nothing – just not as much as you first thought.

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Conventional wisdom has it that the union between American Airlines and US Airways – the fourth domestic airline mega-merger in as many years – is no big deal.

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Combining American-US Airways will make for a stronger, more profitable and more financially secure company. The merge is discussed here. 

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