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Time to let fly with another year’s worth of predictions. Here’s what Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott foresee for 2013.

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Listen as air travel expert Rick Seaney offers up more holiday travel tips.

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Listen: Air travel expert Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott on fighting back against rip-offs.

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Listen: More tips from air travel expert Rick Seaney.

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Listen: Air travel expert Rick Seaney and editor Anne McDermott on why you must compare prices.

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Listen as airfare expert Rick Seaney tells editor Anne McDermott how to beat the blackout.

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Listen to travel expert Rick Seaney on the joys of holiday getaways (and the joys of saving a few bucks, too):

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FareCompare Editor Anne McDermott talks with world traveler Farnoosh Brock, publisher of Prolific Living, shares some money saving tips for international travel, and names some of her favorite cities and explains why you’ll love them, too.  Take a listen.

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Listen as FareCompare’s Rick Seaney explains the ‘refund facts of life’ to editor Anne McDermott:

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