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Rick and Anne discuss the best islands of Hawaii, and how to get a last minute emergency ticket, for less. Got a question? Submit it at http://ask.farecompare.com and listen for it on the next Ask Rick Podcast.

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Rick reveals what got into Kanye West on that Delta flight, and why Taylor Swift was hanging out at JetBlue. Plus, bag fees are bad enough – but what if you also had to tag them yourself? Take a listen below and read all about it here. Then enjoy more of Rick’s entertaining opinions here.

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How to ruin a Thanksgiving flight? Just go to the wrong terminal, or believe everything your airline tells you. Learn about these actual air travel mistakes and more, but don’t worry – Rick will explain how you can avoid them all. 

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Southwest has a brand new sale, while Virgin America has cheap fares and free WiFi. Want to go to Europe? British Airways has low prices on vacation packages. Listen to Rick explain and read more on our latest Deals Roundup. 

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Tuesday at 3pm, is the best day and time to shop for airline tickets, it is when most companies release their discount fares. Check out this week's deals.

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Rick always respond to the many travel questions we get here is the next round of questions to being asked. 

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Chris McGinnis - the director of Travel Skills Group, Inc http://www.travelskills.com/ and travel expert talks with Rick and Anne about airline fees that may actually be worth paying for - and some you should avoid like the plague.

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Rick answers all the questions about what mileage running means and how it could benifit you.  You will want to get involved after you hear this. 

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The FareCompare Podcast with Rick Seaney Co-founder & CEO and Editor Anne McDermott talks about the new security measures being set in place, security tips you can use during the holidays, the new milage run promotion on farecompare, we answer some questions and as always have some great deals in store for you.

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Last week’s air travel security breach – in which two packages containing explosive devices were intercepted in the UK and Dubai – will mean changes in the way cargo is screened. It’s also changed some of the ways in which passengers are screened, too. Take a listen to how.

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