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This week's FareCompare Podcast with Rick Seaney Co-founder & CEO and Editor Anne McDermott are talking about the latest in industry news including the midwest storms that closed Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, famous pilots being honored and JetBlue’s sliding flight attendant telling all on Larry King. The hot topic of the day is of course, Thanksgiving travel. As always we answer a few questions lingering in people's minds.  We also talk with Melvin Boecher, founder of Travel Dudes http://www.traveldudes.org/ about cheap international destinations. And finally what would be a podcast without talking deals, deals and more deals for Halloween and Winter.

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Every week we answer a number of questions that everyone has, this week we are talking nonrefundable tickets, international travel, tarmac rules and frequent flyer miles.  Take a listen.

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The best segment of the FareCompare Podcast is the deals.  Check out these Halloween and Winter Sales, all of which were release Tuesday afternoon, making Tuesday at 3p Eastern, the best time to shop. Take a Listen.

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Melvin Boecher - a world traveler who many of you may know from the Travel Dudes blog, a travel agent, fluent in two languages and knows where the deals are.

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Thanksgiving Day 2010 is November 25. To find the best time to fly, shop by day and price using the FareCompare Thanksgiving Flight Finder. Learn about this and some other tools, trick, and tips to help you save on holiday travel this year.

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If bad weather ever affects one of your flights, the key is to be “first in line” to get on the next plane. Learn this and more. Also, last week, the FAA handed out its Wright Brothers Master Pilot Awards to six legendary pilots who’ve proven to be experts - check out the list. Do you remember JetBlue’s Steven Slater - the flight attendant who got angry and bailed out of the plane via the emergency chute, well he was on Larry King coming clean. Take a listen.

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This week there is no shortage of interesting news, starting with the flight attendents the sing and dance to Lady Gaga on Cebu Pacific Airlines and what do you think of a standing room only flight? Read these and more here. Want more news Rick Seaney style?

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Want to hear Rick in all his airfare-geek glory? This is the podcast for you. Rick and co-host Anne McDermott talk about everything from airline food to packing tips and cool destinations. Plus, as always – cheap flights to your favorite destinations.  Listen to the September 29 episode of the Ask Rick Podcast.

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